I was always an average student in school but because I was loud and outgoing I came across as an 'A' student. In an attempt to meet the 'A' perception I felt suppressed and overstretched. All along something felt empty in me. I needed space to shout, to play, to explore, to get naughty and even to make mistakes.

A journey of self-discovery has led me to a space that is limitless and largely unexplored with endless possibilities.

In that space I found me - Carol is fun loving, loves laughter and open space. I find joy in helping people become better than they were yesterday. Helping someone find solutions in their day to day challenges keeps me excited about life and eager to see their brighter tomorrow. My desire is to help you find that space where you will feel fulfilled, purposeful and successful.

I am convicted that certain holistic solutions “snap into place” when more people’s needs are expressed, met and elevated. That each one of us has innately built-in talents and passions that can be identified and harnessed through a journey of self discovery and learning. These may then translate into a satisfying journey of finding your identity and a sense of purpose in your occupation and lifestyle.

Let us harness your passions, talents and skills. I strongly believe that a mindset change reinforced by consistent growth will not only stick but influence you, families and your social, business and corporate space. Begin a journey to change your way of thinking, find purpose in your occupation & lifestyle and in it experience a sense of fulfillment and success!

I am a Life & Wellness Coach. I am looking for ambitious people who would love to enjoy vibrant health & a more productive life.

Come, lets journey together!