Georgina Wanjau

Carol and I have been in the Network marketing Industry for years. In this industry there is money, good products, fun and lots of travel! For me the greatest motivation has been travel. Carol and I have been to different countries using money accumulated from selling wellness products and bonuses paid the companies when we coach others to make their own money too.

Some of our very best destinations have been South Africa in 2016, Dubai in 2017, Abu Dhabi, Dallas, USA in 2018 to mention but a few.

In 2020 we missed our usual travel to the USA due to COVID 19. We resume in 2021.

Retired Civil Servant & business owner

Hamida Mwangi

Carol is one of the few people I know who us extremely passionate about Wellness and mentorship. She is highly committed to changing the face of Network Marketing in Africa.

Working with Carol has taught me to be more aware of my strengths. She will bring out the best in you.

Stay at home mum & entrepreneur

Grace Njue

I moved houses at the beginning of the year. Though I was really excited to be in this new house; I could not fall asleep at night and when I did, it was only for an hour or two. I tried all manner of sleep techniques, some of which I had learnt in my Counseling Psychology lessons. They did not work. I love my sleep and this got me worried because it was affecting my day duties. I talked to Carol because she has always recommends supplements to my relatives and I. She recommended a supplement that worked very well. I took this supplement and I have never looked back. I have also recommended the same to my friend and she loves it.

Counseling Psychologist

Milly Ochoki

I first met Carol in 2017 in an event we both attended. I had been exposed to her wellness knowledge but had not had an opportunity have a meeting with her. I liked how she was able to show the relationship between health, mindset and financial wellness. When she came across the company she is partnering with, she invited me to partner too.

Carol challenges me. If you have Carol in your life, you can only move forward! I am happy about my new entrepreneurial journey.

Business owner